Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2020.0.1 x64


Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2020.0.1 x64

AutoCAD Electrical toolset now included with AutoCAD. Efficiently create, modify, and document electrical controls systems with an industry-specific toolset for electrical design.

It contains all the functionality of AutoCAD, plus a comprehensive set of tools for automating control engineering tasks, such as building circuits, numbering wires, and creating bills of material.

This program provides a library of more than 700,000 electrical symbols and components, includes real-time error checking, and enables electrical and mechanical teams to collaborate on digital prototypes built with Autodesk Inventor software. Electrical offers control engineers a competitive edge by helping save hours of effort, so they can spend more time innovating.

Electrical is one of the toolsets available in one AutoCAD. This powerful AutoCAD add-on for electrical designers and engineers offers automated drafting tools for designing wiring, circuiting, PLC modules, panels, and data and schedules. This is on top of all the benefits that AutoCAD brings to the table. This course provides the novice user with the training required to use AutoCAD Electrical quickly and effectively.

Features of Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2020

Generate and update customized reports.

Easily share DWG drawings with stakeholders.

Use folders to organize drawings and reorder files for electrical drafting projects.

Publish schematics to multipage PDFs.

Reduce errors with automatic numbers for wires and tags for components.

Use Circuit Builder for simple electrical design.

Select from a rich library of electrical symbols.

Catch problems before the build phase begins.

Keep track of parent/child contacts in real time.

Define a project’s I/O assignments.

Enhanced preview and direct component insertion.

Integrated mechatronics solution with Inventor.

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7/ 8/8.1 x86/x64

CPU Type

32bit: Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ Dual Core, 3.0 GHz or higher with SSE2 technology


AMD Athlon™ 64 with SSE2 technology

AMD Opteron™ with SSE2 technology

Intel Xeon®  with Intel EM64T support and SSE2 technology

Intel Pentium® 4 with Intel EM64T support and SSE2 technology


(4GB (8 GB Recommended

Display Resolution

1024×768 (1600×1050 or higher – Recommended) with True Color

Display Card

Windows display adapter capable of 1024×768 with True Color capabilities.  DirectX9 or DirectX11 compliant card recommended but not required

Disk Space

Installation 12.0 GB


Same as AutoCAD Electrical 2013-2014 — system printer and HDI support

Digitizer WINTAB support

Additional  requirements for 3D Modeling

CPU Type

Intel Pentium 4 processor or AMD Athlon, 3.0 GHz or greater or Intel or AMD Dual Core processor, 2.0 GHz or greater

Note: 64-bit Operating Systems are recommended if you are working with Large Datasets, Point Clouds and 3D Modeling


8GB RAM or more

Display Card

1280×1024 True Color video display adapter 128 MB or greater, Pixel Shader 3.0 or greater, Direct3D®-capable workstation class graphics card

Disk Space

6GB free hard disk available not including installation requirements

Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical

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